Finding bold results

I have joined the July certification session.
During our last practicum my instructor, although I passed, mentioned that I could improve the Result line I came up with.
She was spot on, I have a super hard time coming up with the result line quite often.
I understand the result is the impact on the person having the thought, what she is experiencing.
But quite often I get confused between some actions that could also be in the result line.
It is not obvious for me.
She suggested I try to look for bold results but I am nowhere there… I need help !
Thanks so much.
Example of a model from a peer coaching session
C: Mother says “I cannot have anymore worries – if you are willing to behave this way you can go back home”
T: This is unfair
F: Sad
A: sitting in a corner of the room, staying quiet not saying a word, disconnected
R: I could only see disconnected as a result – the peer was saying faking and being superficial.
I tried to connect the result with the initial thought as I know this usually creates a loop, but here I do not see how the initial thought is proving in the result of being disconnected or even being faking or being superficial.