Follow up to your answer regarding fasting and insulin resistance

Thanks so much for the reply. I appreciate ALL of your knowledge and am learning SO much. It must be amazing to know how many people you have helped! Here is my info:
I take thyroid medicine right when I wake up and at noon. I also have low progesterone and testosterone and take a compound cream for that. I fast till noon and stop eating after 8:00 p.m. I have lost 2 lbs in 7 days.
Drink 1-2 cups of coffee with creamer (this is the first time in my life that I have drank coffee but have done so daily for 7 days) I don’t feel any effect really…possibly more alert??
Food Journal from the last two days:
Spinach salad with ranch dressing, sweet potatoes and chicken breast (that was cooked in olive oil and seasoned)
Snack: mixed nuts (way too many) which seem to go right through me
Supper: Taco salad with cheese, ranch and beans
I am super hungry about 1/2 hr after my lunch meal for sure. I am really hungry after 9:00 or so. Stomach growling

Lunch: big salad with ranch, peppers, eggs, veges, ham and hard boiled egg (felt a little less hungry and satisfied)
Snack: nuts (went right through me)
Supper: chicken stir fry and brown rice AND deer meat/cheese

Honestly I am not drinking much water. Could that be it? I drink one diet mountain dew in the afternoon as well. Is that okay?

Thanks for your time! Your awesome!