follow up biz coaching, why do we confuse ourselves? and a cute story

One of the reasons I love you so much is you ability to cut thru every issue to the simple truth of the matter. I totally confused the issue with my new potential client by asking her to decide too many things to work with me. I was running off in a tangent, thinking about coaching clients who aren’t my target and that was confusing my thinking and totally distracting me from my focus. No wonder when I was writing my “work with me” page of my new website, I made it way too complicated. Why is simplicity so hard, when I want it more than anything? I know i need to focus and constrain and my mind still tries to run a million options at a time. These are models I ran on this.

C Website- work with me
T I need to be able to accommodate other potential clients to build y business (i.e. not turn people away)
F Fear/scarcity
A Include new and different coaching package options to appeal to more people
R Confusing website with too many options, ends up appealing to no one

C Website – work with me
T I am here to help overstressed mamas really well
F Confident
A Simplify my focus and streamline my messaging
R Clear, direct, simple call to action

On a positive note, my 6 year old was coaching me in the car the other day. I wasn’t feeling well, but we were driving through a cute area near the beach with some adorable homes (my 3 year goal is to live closer to the beach lol). She pointed out that every time I saw a cute house, I stopped complaining about feeling sick. So she explained to me, “mom, if you think about positive things, like these cute houses that you like, you will feel better”. I asked what she was talking about and she pointed out what was happening. lol. I have been talking to her a lot about her choices in what she is thinking about when she is upset. If she thinks sad or upsetting things, it makes her feel upset. if she wants to feel better, she can think of a positive thing instead and we practice. I always remind her that it is her choice. When I realized what she was doing, I told her she was doing a really good job life coaching me!!! As much as some things are still a struggle, its nice to know there are also so many positives!