paper planners

Hi Brooke
I saw that a few different friends were asking about paper planners. I also prefer paper planners,but hadn’t found one that fit well in my purse, but had the function I wanted. I just ordered a new 2018 planner called COMMIT 30. I have never used this brand before, but what I loved about it is that it has a monthly “commit to 30 days” of something with little circles to fill in as you do it. I thought this is a great continuation of our SEPTEMBER challenge!! Just wanted to share.
Also, when I first stated SCS, I, too wondered about a forum. BUT, after doing this work, I am glad that is not a part of SCS. It keeps me focused on doing the WORK vs spending time buffering in a forum. You my friend… know us all too well!! LOL.
Keep being awesome!! SCS keeps getting better and better as I actually DO THE WORK and not just read it. HUGS, Tracie 🙂