Follow-up on dealing with the break up question

Dear Brooke,

Thank you so much for your answer. Just like you always say on the podcast, I feel like we are friends and the only fact that you answered my question, gave me a huge push towards feeling better.

I have a follow up question as you mentioned (and very regularly mention) that we should feel / allow emotions.

Given my current circumstances (the break-up with my boyfriend), I feel like I am managing my mind terribly well, I have identified the thoughts that did not serve me under my circumstances and found a way to get clarity and move towards my dreams. Accordingly, contrary to my 35 previous years on this planet, my brain is not ruminating and feeling totally out of control, which is – in itself – a huge relief.

My friends seem to be concerned that I am not reacting like I usually would (i.e. freaking out) and I must say I feel a bit numb.

As I am so focused on managing my mind, it’s almost as if there was no emotion apart from an occasional sadness when I am reminded or aware that I will miss him terribly, especially some of his qualities or personality traits.

You said it again in a recent question below: “This work is really about allowing all emotions to be part of your human experience and having the awareness to respond in a way that serves you. »

Could I be blocking the emotions through my thought management? I feel like I am just not allowing my brain to loop on some specific thoughts. I do allow the sadness when appropriate (i.e. apart from when I am at work where I really have to focus on what needs to get done).

Much love,