follow up on supervisor qu (MMO)

This is a follow up to the issue of how I could better manage my emotions in regards to my supervisor. I gave the example of him sometimes responding with a series of questions when I go to him for help as opposed to providing a straight forward answer.

Thank you for your response. I hear what you’re saying about him getting to ask questions just like I get to ask questions, and definitely can see how it is my thoughts that are exasperating me, particularly after I sat down and thought about what was probably running through my mind and actually wrote out the thought model, haha. I still feel stuck though. I also remember thinking a lot of thoughts in the moment that were like: stop it! Calm down, just answer him There was a little war waging inside of me now that I think about it. Would it be best if I focus on preparing myself beforehand by reminding myself that he can respond anyway he wants and gets to ask questions and I can be patient and respond? I’m afraid I will lose my patience again.