private session power!

You can disregard my last question titled “focus on or move on from food/body struggle” (or something like that). Just had my first private session as part of the 6-session package you’re offering. Thank you SO much for offering this extra help. Janet helped me to see that the thought behind my emotional eating was much deeper than “I just want this, I just need this,” which is as far I had been able to get. She helped me identify that I go through my days and into my evenings with this thought just below the surface: “I am failing at my life.” It was such a relief to realize this. It makes sense that I feel such intense pressure and resistance all the time and that I can’t stick to my action or eating plans. My task now is to increase my awareness of all the thoughts surrounding this belief as I go through my days. Funny that becoming aware of such a sad thought can feel so good. I’m on my 4th month of SCS and have learned a lot, but the one-on-one focus helped so much already.