Follow up – to stay or to leave

I just had a tutoring session (thank you Janet!) about my struggle whether to leave or stay in my current relationship. I love my bf but he isn’t willing to change his life so that we have more time together.

We identified that I’m thinking a thought “I should be able to be happy with this man” whereas this doesn’t feel good. A better thought is “I can choose to be happy with this man.” I don’t really believe this thought. Is that an indication that I’m avoiding a decision to leave, probably because I also have the thought “it’s wrong for me to leave someone I love” and also “a breakup will be excruciating for me and for him”

Unintentional model
C I see my bf every 2 weeks
T This isn’t enough but it’s selfish of me to leave
F Frustrated
A Stall
R Nothing changes, I’m still frustrated

Intentional model
C see bf every 2 weeks
T Maybe I deserve better
F Hopeful
A Leave
R ??

I think I still have some thought errors in here. Can you help me identify them?