Food protocol question


I am working on my weight loss and have lost 9 pounds so far in 3 weeks. My protocol is extending my fast until 11am (only drink water and a cup of coffee), 1 meal at 11am (eggs with veggies, plain yogurt with berries and walnuts or oatmeal with almond milk-no sugar) and another meal between 5-7pm (salad, mixed veggies and a 4-6oz protein or rice with beans and the protein).

My main goal is to lose weight to prepare for a fertility treatment that could potentially result in a pregnancy. I will start the treatment soon and I have a few questions about adjusting my protocol to the side effects of the medications and to the pregnancy if it occurs. I normally experience loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain and water retention when I use estrogen and progesterone for the treatment. I am planning to document when I take each medication, if I experience any side effect, and adjust my protocol to that to be able to plan for side effects and not react to them. Do you have any suggestions? Also, is it safe to continue intermittent fasting during pregnancy?

I also noticed that I’ve been having many thoughts about this treatment that create anxiety. My brain has been looking for past evidence to convince me that losing weight before the treatment is a bad idea because I will gain it all back again and the progesterone injections made me gain a lot of weight during the last treatment. I’ve been just allowing these thoughts to be there, but I would like to ask for suggestions on how to manage them.