My friend’s son is bullying my son.

Hi Brooke.
Before I begin on my problem I would like to let you know how powerful this work has been from me. Before I started SCS I was living in a state of dread an terror all day long because I was sure that I had some cancer and the doctors couldn’t find it. Now I have come to a place where I believe I will live long past 100 and will have a wonderful relationship with my great great grand children. This came about from doing the ‘believe the impossible’ work. Now I’m actually able to function day today without having the thought ‘who’s going to look after my children?’. After that I worked on the problem I had that I worried so much what other people thought of me. I was obsessed by my neighbour and the idea that she was delibalerately ignoring me because I believe that she thought she was better than me. Now I am at a place where my ytoughts are ‘she probably does like me cause why wouldn’t she, I’m awsome. But if she doesn’t then that’s her issue and not mine’ . Actually I now have an everyday thought that ‘everywhere I go I make friends’ the effect of which is that people have noticed that I’m so much nicer lately. I have also made huge progress in an issue that has been irritating me (and I mean that I have been irritatingly me) all my life. When I hear the sound of people eating with their mouths open I used to get so irritated that I couldn’t sit still. After my live coaching with you I started doing the work to get from the model where I was to the model that I wanted to be it. In the new model the C is -people chew with mouths open and my T is – that’s no big deal and my F is- calm, content. So the ‘river of misery’ in between the old and new model was interesting; I went out looking for people who were chewing loudly so that I could watch myself and how the emotion was vibrating in my body. I thought this would be a long process but it only took one time- my husband started chewing and I was like ‘yes! Now is my chance to do the work’ I watched my body and noticed how I was feeling but it’s was not really happening. I was like ‘wait a minute, I’m supposed to be annoyed right now’ but I couldn’t manage to get myself into the annoyed state. I’m listening to people eating and waiting for the annoyance to come back but it hasn’t yet.

So anyway, my new problem. My son has just started kindergarten and I became aware that my son and his best friend were being bullied by another boy in their class. I discovered that this boy was manipulating them to do things like throw rocks at other kids, throw themselves onto the Graceland to pull down their pants. When I became aware of this I spoke to the teacher and to my son’s best friends mother. The school dealt with the issue and I believe that it was over. Since then I have become friends with the mother of the boy who was bullying my son we have spoken together about the bullying issue and she is open minded and I believed that the issue was over. A few days ago my son came to me and asked that I do something to stop the boy from coming near him because he was still forcing him to do things he didn’t want to do. So I spoke to the principal and they are putting measures in place to stop the boys spending any time together. So my problem is this – I still want to continue a friendship with the mother of this boy even though I want her son to have nothing to do with my son. The school has told me not to try to solve these issues amoung the parents but to go straight to the school. Should I tell this friend what has happened? I don’t want to have a secret that I’m keeping from her.