Frustrated with Reality (weight)

I am someone who has had great success with weight loss using Brooke’s principles. I kept a steady weight for a year after the weight loss, and my protocol was no flour/no sugar, hardly any joy eats, and 3X24 hr fasts each week. I only diverged from this in an attempt to get to my next weight loss goal (which was to lose about another 8 pounds). I got a new coach trained under the life coach school method. I stopped the fasting, added in a weekly joy eat and just stuck to my usual 2 meals a day. This was fine for a few months -weight steady, maybe 1-2 pound weight loss. Then I had a series of life events where I allowed more than a weekly joy eat for a few week 1-2 week periods. (i.e honeymoon, a period of illness, holidays). It was still largely planned, and I knew which meals would be joy eats around the holidays, and put these in my plan.

The weight has crept up, and now about 7 more pounds above where I was when I started the new program. I decided a month ago to add the fasting back in since that worked really well for me. I’m scaling the joy eat back to where it should be – just once a week. I’ve also added yoga (not for weight loss, but for strength/flexibility).

I find myself frustrated that it is not ‘working yet’. I know that it may take more time, but it is very frustrating that the weight adds on so quickly but then so hard to get off. I realize that if it took months to put the weight on, it would possibly take that long to get it off.

How do I become more patient, and just settle into my daily routine of ‘set it and forget it’ (I plan my meals the night before). I also need help making the scale more neutral again! Because I get that it’s going to be some time before I see numbers that I am shooting for.

Thank you!