I did the upcoming event work sheet and thought I could ask for more clarity or insight from you guys. Thank you!!!

I’m attending a fundraiser event. My plan is two drinks and a plate of food and to stop eating when not hungry

What is your specific plan to carry this out?

I will eat slowly and be mindful of every bite of food. Reminding myself that this is fuel and not using food for entertainment

When you get to the event how will you justify or excuse not following this plan? (Anticipate the obstacles.)

I’ll start to tomorrow, but I don’t want to restrict, it’s not fair, this is why I’m here, I’m addicted to the food, I deserve this, I’ve worked hard all day, I’ll eat in one sitting so I’ll still be fasting

Visualize three scenarios where you are challenged and you take the action you want to take.

1 plate is done and want more food switch to a glass of water
2 feel tipsy want another drink, remind myself of the good feeling I have now and let it be enough
3 food chatter saying “start tomorrow”, “this is too hard” refocus attention/thoughts to getting to know people

If it gets really hard, what is your plan?

?????? I’m having trouble deciding what that would look like

Write a message here to yourself that you could read at this event to remind you.

Jess- going to events doesn’t mean you have to overeat. You got this, you are figuring this out, it won’t be perfect. Stay on the journey don’t jump off the cliff and binge. This moment matters for your future with your kids.

Write a mantra to yourself that you can say quietly in your head.

You will survive if you don’t eat more food, you are not even hungry.