Funny Thoughts

Hey Brooke,
I love so many things about you and your teaching, one of which is that you laugh a lot. You make things lighter and more approachable by finding the humor in them. I went to a yoga workshop once where the teacher (Max Strom – amazing!) would say things like, “these twists will make your parallel parking easier.” And everyone would laugh. Then he would say, “It’s funny because it’s true. Really true things are often funny.”
So you made me laugh yesterday while being coached, even though the content of our conversation seemed scary and just huge and awful otherwise. Thank you for that.

Sometimes lately, in doing thought downloads and honestly looking at my thoughts instead of stuffing them down, I am finding my thoughts actually so untrue and obviously self-loathing and dramatic that they are hilarious!! And then they are easily let go of, and don’t bother me at all. Here are a few that occurred this evening:

Everyone’s life manifestos are better than mine.

If I don’t get everything done, I am not good enough and my life will suck.

All I ever do is clean up other people’s messes.

Are you on the right track when you can genuinely laugh at yourself?
I still can’t really change my thoughts, but at least I can go, “I see you! Haha!”