Future Self

When discussing the impossible goal, Brooke mentions practicing being your future self- how would you feel, what would you think, etc. She also mentions in her podcast how she used to love imagining winning the lottery and how that would feel and what she would think, and what she would plan to do. For this particular practice am I supposed to literally imagine what I would do in the situation of having achieved my impossible goal or how I would LIKE to be if I chose?

For example, if I won the lottery, if I am being realistic, I would definitely feel happy, in awe, excited, and all of these positive emotions. But I would also feel scared because I know that historically lottery winners don’t fair well in terms of happiness. I would feel worried I might make wrong money decisions, and anxious about people’s expectations of me. Likewise, if I had an impossible goal of making 1 million dollars in 2021, if I were in December of 2021 looking at my bank account and I could see $1 million there, I would feel so proud, confident, excited, etc. But I would also feel self doubt, imposter syndrome, and a whole host of other negative feelings. For the purpose of this exercise of “matching vibrations,” do I purposefully not imagine the full range of feelings and only choose the positive ones?