Future Self Feedback

I am trying to think differently about jobs in the area where I live. My brain keeps looping on – There’s no high paying job opportunities here. I asked myself what do I want to believe about job opportunities here – and I want to believe it’s easy to get a high paying job here and that there are so many high paying job opportunities I create for myself. I’m not close to believing either. What are some bridge thoughts to step up to where I want to go? I am also moving towards my goal of $50,000. I know I can practice having it now. I listened to one of Brooke’s podcasts where she talked about not using phrases where I’m getting there or becoming that person. What would a thought look like from my future self where I have the $50,000 now? My brain says we have the $50,00 and now are ready to go after the next goal, but that doesn’t seem right. Also, I was wondering what kinds of questions I could ask my future self? Thanks!