Gaining weight

Happy Monday!

I have been on a protocol about a week now. I did a fast right before as well before listening fully to Brookes recordings on overeating.
I had lost 6.5 lbs my first few days. Then I stalled for a day and started going up. I have gained back about 2 lbs now. I kniw 4.5 is good I am just concerned about continuing to go up.
I skip brekfast every day, have a salad with dressing, about 5oz protein and a fruit for lunch, 1 oz nuts and fruit for snack, then salad, potato or rice, 4oz meat and veggies or salad for dinner.
All this is between 11AM and 7PM.
I only do black coffee, tea or water at other times.
I will add that this is a lot less food than I am used to, amd i have vut out my picking at food while cookimg amd preping food fort he kids, which I now see was a huge problem for me.
What could I be doing wrong?