On getting a business coach

I woke up thinking of you Brooke. It’s scary or not, it just is, when you’re the first thing in my mind. I like coaches. I like getting coached. I’m a sheep, you tell me where to go and I go. But you better be a good shepherd ’cause I will rebel. Yes, I’m a black sheep.

And I keep thinking I want/need a coach to get my business and myself to the next level. Basically, do the work. I hired someone at the beginning of the year and we weren’t a good match.

And then I had a BRILLIANT idea. Why not ask you? You know.. since you’re already my coach. And you hired your amazing business coach.

How did you find your him? What questions did you ask? What made you go to him? At the moment my budget is limited and I can’t afford your guy (Yet) 🙂 And do you have any recommendations. Or can I have you as my coach? What? yes I know crazy idea.. but so is life.

Yes, I’m doing the work you told me to do in our call. Taking action my dear…

Your Airbnb Brooklyn Mama..

C: I want/need a coach
T: I can’t find someone right, I hired someone who wasn’t a good match before and wasted money…
F: Lost and confused
A: Buffer – Aren’t there some good movies to watch?
R: Nothing.. do a lot of nothing..

C: I want/need a coach
T: Ask Brooke and in the groups I know
F: Confident, excited
A: Start getting ready
R: Massive Action