Getting my brain to sleep!

Sometimes when I have a lot on my mind, for instance around my business, I find my brain works on strategizing and solving problems even when I want to go to sleep (like now!). It (my brain) gets kind of revved up working out everything, and it can keep me up late or most of the night and I feel terrible in the morning and the last thing I can or want to do is execute all my plans. Sometimes I accept that I will be up all night and I kind of just go to work. I would rather be able to direct my brain to rest so that I awake refreshed and ready to work in the morning. It feels like what my brain is doing is problem solving and it is being creative and productive, so it is not worrying that is keeping me up. Is there a way to coach myself or apply the model to this circumstance, where my thoughts might be a little overstimulating at a time when I want to sleep? Thank you!