Getting to neutral

Dear Coaches,
I think I’m not really believing some circumstances are neutral, especially when other people are involved.

C. Someone did X.
T. It’s not right, they shouldn’t have done it.
F. Angry
A. Blame, argue over and over in my mind, stew
R. I fight with myself and with reality.

I find myself in this situation a lot where I’m blaming the person, or their action, or the circumstance for how I feel. I can’t get past seeing someone’s behavior as wrong. I also seem to take others actions very personally – they are either serving my needs (helpful to me) or they’re in my way/wrong/not helping me. Interesting that’s where a month on relationships has gotten me :). I do feel like it’s a really good start though to seeing my relationships more clearly.

C. Someone did X.
T. I wonder how I get past seeing X as wrong because it’s not serving me.
F. Curious
A. Ask for help, think of new thoughts to practice, observe how often I blame others’ actions for how I feel
R. Work towards seeing circumstances as neutral.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.