Giving away power

Hello there – I keep hearing from coaches that I am giving my power away to others and that I am looking outside myself for someone else to make me happy or give me what I need.
I am doing models and thought downloads and trying to work on this, but I think it is going over my head. I don’t know how to keep my power or look inside for something I need in my relationship. I have gone through How to feel better, confidence, your thought about you, and I am currently going through believing new things.

I want my boyfriend to do things to make me happy so that I can feel loved by himand that I am in a good relationship.He makes it seem hard for him to doand I tend to get emotional and shame myself for needing too much. That seems to be me giving my power away.

I think: I must be hard to love, I am too emotional, Why is this so hard for him, it seems simple. I see other men doing these things for their girlfriends.
SO I then: Try to get his approval in other ways, shame myself, feel sad and heavy, feel overwhelmed, blame him and me, have heavy conversations, etc.
Resulting in me giving power away and looking outside myself for my needs.

How do I stop doing this and get on the path to a more powerful and healthy space?