Goal for auto Immune and Anxiety

Ok, so seems there are a few of us struggling with Auto Immune and what that brings with it.

My struggle is with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I have had it for 15 years. My antibodies blood work is off the charts no matter how I change my diet and lifestyle, so I have accepted that, but I am still hopeful.

That being said there were years that went by before I was diagnosed and the doctors did not know what was wrong with me they just thought I had hypothyroid. So since there was no medical evidence of what I had for years and how terrible I felt I thought maybe I had an anxiety disorder because many of the ways this auto immune disease manifests itself can feel like an anxiety disorder.

I would continually tell my husband that the feelings I was having were first starting in my body. I knew I was correct about that and I was, I actually had a disease making me feel horrible! But through the years I did develop anxiety because of the body symptoms and not knowing what they were, and then I became fearful of the anxiety.

I am so much better now from all the work I have done.

But I am still struggling with making and following through with plans because I don;t know how my body will be on a certain day, which in turn will cause me to be anxious.

And then being triggered by going out of the house because I fear the fear from a possible anxiety attack.

So am I to be dealing with my body symptoms, anxiety, or thought work or leaving the house intentionally to practice?
I can’t narrow down my goal therefore i cant write out my commitment.

But if you were to ask why i joined SCS it would be so that I can live in freedom with out being anxious about my body and what might happen if I am out in the world. I guess I beleive I can’t cope or have the confidence, because when your body has been proving this to you for years it seems so difficult to change. I know I can’t change how my body feels but i can change my thought.

How do I change my thought on something that I can feel in my body and have so many years of feeling and the evidence within my body and the anxiety have proven to me so many times how unpredictable it all is?

Thank you, Cheryl