Goal setting and am I trying to do too much?

Hi Brooke!

I am SO SO excited to begin SCS in January, I’ve been wanting to work with you for a while and I am so ready to make 2019 the year my life becomes UNRECOGNIZABLE (in the best possible way!)

I’ve been thinking about some of the things I want to work on this year with you in SCS and as I started writing everything down, I started thinking, “Am I trying to do too much? Is it even possible to get all this done or am I just setting myself up for disappointment and failure?” I would love your help with understanding if I am trying to do to much this year or if there is a way to do it all in a way that will set me up for success.

Here are the main goals I have for myself in 2019:

1) Achieve my goal weight of 130lbs – I am 5’5″ and currently 155lbs. In the last 3 months, I have done a lot of work on my mindset around exercise and am back to working out 5-6x a week (a mix of competitive soccer, weight training and bootcamps) and I’m feeling amazing and strong. Eating is definitely my issue here but I had some HUGE “aha’s” from your SO workshop.

2) Pay off $50,000 in debt – This is from a mix of consumer and student debt, but one of the ways I buffer is with spending money. A lot of that money is on personal development and coaching, but I also wanted to become a coach and spent a lot of money trying to get a coaching practice off the ground but it ended up just being me spending a lot of money taking passive action rather than massive action, which has now scared me away from pursuing coaching, even though I feel like that (or something similar) is what I want to do with my life.

3) Manage my mental and emotional life so I can heal my relationship with myself and my family – I am a very moody person who tends toward anger A LOT. I am very in my head and while I am very aware of what I do a lot of the time, I really struggle with putting all my knowledge and awareness into practice. This is a big reason why I joined SCS, I want to stop being aware and start actually DOING.

4) Become the top sales person at work – I work in pharmaceutical sales and I want to be the top sales person by the end of the year. I’ve gone through a lot of changes this year with my company and now that I am settled in my territory, I want to make this year the year I make Chairman’s Circle. The other thing is, while it is a wonderful job in a lot of ways, I don’t love it, I often feel very unmotivated and I feel like it isn’t what I’m meant to be doing but I know that is a thought which I can change and I want to be able to do that so I can achieve my goal.

5) I want to take massive (rather than passive) action toward my side hustle – I think I want to be a life coach. But more specifically, I’d like to lead and facilitate workshops, start a podcast, blog regularly and lead a women’s group and do some of this type of work with them. I have a lot of “Who am I to do this work since I still have so many issues I haven’t worked out” which has kept me stuck ever since I took a step back after incurring so much debt with my “business” in 2014. But I think about it every day, which tells me it is a desire worth pursuing.

So those are my 5 big goals for myself and what I’d love help/support with during SCS. Many of them go together but I worry that it still is a lot to expect of myself and I worry that by wanting all of these things at the same time if I’m not purposely setting myself up for failure to reinforce to myself that I cannot get what I want. OR, it is just about getting really clear on how to approach each goal, staying disciplined and honouring my commitment to myself?

I’d love any thoughts you have on this Brooke, thank you SO much!