Goal Weight Body

I lost all the extra weight I set out to lose as a scholar. A total of 40 pounds.
For the first time as an adult I am the leanest that I’ve ever been.
What happened is that yes, I get compliments all the time, and yes, I do feel lighter and love the reflection in the mirror, and yes, it is satisfying to see a certain number on the scale, and yes, it is great to walk into my closet and choose any skinny jeans or slim dress and have them fit perfectly. BUT…
The goal I set was to weigh a certain number. I imagined that number to represent a vital, energetic, strong, fit and vibrant life. Instead, I did not exercise all these months so I carry a belly pouch, my thighs are flabby, my arms are swinging when I walk, my hair thinned dramatically, and my cheeks look hollow and sunken.
It’s not just the look of these things, but I don’t feel vitality and energy. I am extremely cold all of the time, weaker than I used to be, and if anything, I feel more fragile physically than before.
I did blood tests and everything looks fine. As far as my weight, I am at a healthy weight, not too low.
What do you suggest?