It’s going too well, missing the emotional work

So, I’ve only been in the program for a week. Adopted a protocol, no flour no sugar, fasting 16 hrs. The realization that hunger really isn’t THAT uncomfortable was a revelation, so that’s not generating drama. Minor ongoing headache as my body becomes fat adapted, no drama there. Cupcakes in the break room at work, didn’t really want one, no drama. (Say WHAT?!?!). My mood has skyrocketed, part of it is first week exuberance, part of it is that overeating has always made me grouchy, part of it is the success I’m seeing ( I lost 13 pounds this week. THIRTEEN! Say WHAT?!?). Yes, I know that’s not going to continue, I probably won’t lose an ounce the rest of the month, but definitely euphoria-inducing. But I know none of this is going to work if I don’t do the real emotional work getting comfortable with negative emotions and not responding to urges. I’m not experiencing either. It’s like I dug into my stash of happy pills. (Not literally – no drugs😉). First world problems, right?
So, do I just wait for some drama to come along? Do I dig deeper for some drama? Is it a sign I’m buffering by obsessing about this program? I’ve actually been through this before, completely changed my food, dropped a ton of weight, and the joy and confidence of the process made it so easy I felt like I’d been cured of emotional eating because I was just so darned happy. Until I wasn’t one day, six months later, and I went right back to buffering with food and sugar/carb craziness.