Guilt for no reason- keeping in touch with parents

Hi. I woke up this morning realizing I didn’t call my parents yesterday – we usually call them to FaceTime with the kids on the weekend, but we were busy and didn’t get the chance. I immediately felt guilty and lay in bed ruminating about it for a while. Here are my models:

C did not call mom yesterday
T I should have called mom yesterday (maybe it was more like I am a bad daughter for not calling mom yesterday)
F guilt
A ruminate on how I should have called, but I didn’t make a definite plan to call, justify how she never calls me, on and on…
R I use up mental energy thinking about this, and I make myself feel bad

C same
T I missed talking to mom yesterday
F sad
A think about it, maybe ruminate about it as above
R move towards next model but still with some mental energy which is ok

Intentional model
C same
T I like to talk to my mom every weekend
F Motivated
A make commitment to call every weekend
R I learn from how I felt

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