Guy not texting back

I went on a date last night with a guy I ended up thinking was cool, but I wasn’t super dooper thrilled about. When we were out, I thought “it’d be fine if we didn’t go out again.”

Fast forward to today and I am FREAKING OUT and obsessing that he hasn’t texted back to my most recent text. So weird! I didn’t care in the moment about seeing him again, but now I care! Really wish the circumstance would change right about now.

At the time, I thought he wouldn’t be a great match, and now that he’s not responding my thoughts about him have changed to “he’s perfect and he’s not answering me so he must not like me and I totally fucked up. I’ll never find someone as perfect as him.”

Honestly, my intellectual self knows he’s with his daughter and that’s probably why I’m not getting a response. My intellectual brain also knows that it’s really not the end of the world if he didn’t want a second date, because I was (at the time) fine without one too.

But damn, I want a text! Ugh!