Have I missed anything, Coach?

I am committing here and now to not drinking for one month (until 14 August) and I then I can choose to keep not drinking if I want or to drink but no more than two drinks on any given day.

Why? Because I want health more than I want alcohol. I want to not sweat in the night. I want a clear head. I want to not be hungover. I want to not have the anxiety that a hangover ensures. I want to be an example of what’s possible. I can’t be bothered expending the energy it takes my body to deal with the toxins of alcohol when I could be using that energy to reach my goals to show my kids what is possible in life. I want to experience my emotions. I want to want to experience my emotions! I know it feels disgusting and I hate it.

But the feeling of being hungover and having a fuzzy head and letting myself down because I overdid it with an expensive bottle of beautiful red wine is just as disgusting. It’s just beautifully and comfortably disguised. Yes, drinking seems glamorous, I do a very good job of making it so. But goddamn sweating in the night sure as hell is not glamorous, not turning up to work because I drank half a bottle last night and now my anxiety is through the roof, having a panic attack because I have not slept well and been drinking and not eating and not processing my emotions is not glamorous.

Glamour is trusting myself, looking after myself, drinking water, drinking medicinal tea, having glowing skin, reaching my goals, not giving up, smiling to myself because I am proud of myself, finally feeling and generating feelings of the most incredible self love that feels like the safest place in the world…. that is enduring glamour.

And goddamn that is why I am not drinking for a goddamn month.

Have I missed anything, coach? xx