Heartbroken That My Kids Can’t See Friends

Due to the shelter-in-place orders where I live, my daughters (ages 8 and 10) have not been able to see their friends for almost three months. Now all of their Summer camps have been cancelled and it’s unclear if they will be able to resume in the Fall in person.

They are being troopers, playing with each other, etc. but I am filled with sadness and grief when I think about all of the losses in their lives. My oldest daughter won’t have a graduation ceremony now, and my youngest has to cancel her 9th birthday party. Their yearbooks arrived yesterday and it was crushing when they realized nobody could sign them. I want to make their pain go away so badly, but feel totally helpless given the circumstances.

My most painful thought is “this shouldn’t be happening” and I know I am resisting reality and making it feel worse, but feel stuck. Can you help me reframe, this or do I just need to accept that it is sad and process that emotion?