Help cleaning up my model on sleeping in

For the past 2 weeks I have been sleeping in and ignoring my alarm. I keep saying, I need to change my alarm and that’s why, but I genuinely enjoy the music that wakes me up in the morning. But at 4 am I am running to turn off my alarm and then crawling back into bed again. Last night, I stayed up later than I usually do. Normally by 9-9:30 I am in bed. Last night I stayed up till midnight and knew I would have the automatic reaction of sleeping in, so I set another alarm to go off 3 minutes later to really wake me up. I turned that one off and stayed in bed and now I have decided to get some coaching on this so I don’t keep criticizing myself every morning but actually make some change.

C Go out of bed at 5:35
T Since I stayed up late I have to wake up later
F ?
A Ignore my alarm, sleep in, turn off the second alarm, wake up but stay in bed longer, blame the lack of results during my day on waking up late
R I give my power to my alarm clock as it dictates when I do or don’t do something