Help with the homework – feeling a 2 or a 3, and does it matter?

Ok, here are my models:
C: Fat (am putting that in the C as it’s a fact!)
T: There’s no point in doing anything when I’m fat
F: Lethargic (I think this is the most accurate feeling, but there are others – like miserable!)
A: Fight against everything I could do with my day
R: Frustration, boredom, turn to food for easy relief.

C: Fat
T: I am what I am right now and I accept that willingly. Why judge “fat” anyway?
F; Energised
A; Engage in my day
R: Get interested in things, focus on the “real” and “present” and not my internal world, much less struggle

So: Lethargic. Is this a 2, or a 3? If it’s a 3, I find myself thinking: “Just don’t feel it then!” And that leads me down a rabbit hole of “all feelings should be allowed, regardless, trying not to feel something only makes things worse, allow it but be AWARE that it is pointless and indulgent…” and on to “this makes no sense, when you think about it, so give up again on this month’s work, like all the other months….” and on and on! Aargh.

Can I have: 2 – unwanted but need to allow AND 3 – indulgent but need to allow ???

And do my models even look “right”??

Thanks Brooke. I really don’t want to sabotage myself again.