Help on Obstacles Worksheet

I’d like coaching on the obstacle worksheet. From my highest weight ten years ago, I lost 104 pounds. I did the up and down for years. I would get to that point where I felt good with my weight loss and my efforts would get very relaxed.

So now I’ve lost a net of 25 pounds in the past few months (for a total of 97 from highest weight) and I’m starting that up a few down a few again. I want to lose another 60 pounds. I binge watched the Stop Overeating Workshop and am now going through it with the workbook. My two sections I want to work on for this month are allowing urges and the obstacles. I’m also extremely interested in your upcoming information on self-sabotage because this is a huge piece for me.

My obstacles listed and action to combat:

Thoughts of failing
Doubt that I can do it
Believing I’ll get to goal
These I think will be handled “picking the chosen feeling I need” during our work this month

Good enough reason – reason I had before needs to be fine tuned. It was to improve my health. That has happened and now I need to make it more specific.

Weekend eating
Self-sabotage – stop bringing foods into the house that are not conducive to reaching my goal
All or nothing mentality – be willing to do B- work
Social eating situations – allow the urge and observe what comes up
Impulse eating – (answering urges from sight or smell) – same plan as social situations
Fear of giving up flour – thought downloads and models. I think what is going on here is the thought of lifetime. Maybe planned exceptions will make it not as scary?
Competing desires – the desire to lose weight fighting the desire for pizza and pasta and/or salty crunchy snacks.

I realize that thought downloads and models will help tremendously with these and that some of them may be the same obstacle stated a bit differently.

I’ve set a goal of 5 pounds for this month. I have been off sugar and that has decreased my desire and I am doing IF 11:30 to 5:30, two meals a day.

What are your thoughts on this?