Help with a model

Hi Brooke,
Could you help me with the following model.

My unintentional model is:
C- Husband says words
T – He belittles me
F – Inadequate
A – Change actions to please husband through perceived pressure
R – Not being me, low in spirits

Intentional model:
C – husband words
T -I am going to let him be wrong about me, I am taking my power back. I am an amazing human, he is just confused. He is just going through some negative emotion right now. He will come around.
F – Relief, love, compassion, self worthiness
A -Act with compassion
R – happier marriage?

Does this model look okay to you? My brain wants to tell me that unless I change his mind about me, then we are not going to have a happy marriage. Do you just ignore people when they say negative things about you, especially when it is someone you love and you want them to have good thoughts about you? I know you teach, what other people say and do is about them and nothing to do with me/the other person. What if something annoys my husband about me etc. What if they keep saying derogatory/negative comments to you? (is that a thought?)

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks a million Brooke. xx