Help with model! :)

Hello! I hope you are well. I have two questions.

First, I am now very aware that I do a lot of buffering around being productive. The productive is lesson planning and grading (I am a teacher) as well as being present in my thought downloads and Scholars work. With all three activities: lesson planning, grading and downloads, my buffering comes in the form of searching the web, getting up, playing with my hair, grabbing a snack or drink, and watching t.v. This morning, I noticed that during my downloading, I had the urge to flip my hair, grab chap-stick and check on my fiance, who is just fine and sleeping! I realized my thought is “this is hard” or “this is going to be hard”. Any suggestions on how I can make a model with my buffering?

A second question I have is on this model:
C – Contacting certain people where a lot of time has passed

T – I don’t want to

F – weighed down (I used to explore feeling words! thank you Corinne Crabtree) (tight shoulders, chest, legs and face; when I settle in, I find that I sigh and take a deep, heavy feeling breath)

A – I don’t contact people I feel I “should”, I call other people that are easier to talk to, I decide I need to listen to music or a podcast, I surf the web, I watch t.v., I decide I need “me time” instead

R – I push off calling

Thank you!