Help with Result Line

Hi there… I have here models related to what happened at work. Kindly check them out and pls help with the result if i’ve done correctly. Thank you!

Unintentional Model:
C – she said “i dont know what to do anymore because you dont give clear direction”
T – she will say bad things about me to our boss
F – afraid
A – ruminate about what we we talked about, wished i had responded differently, wanted to be defensive and justify myself, beat myself up
R – i make this a bad experience for me (??) or i say bad things about myself (??) –> can there be 2 results or should be just choose the most appropriate one?

Intentional Model:
(although this is not really the feeling i want to feel but this is the only thought i can think of initially)
C –
T – she will say bad things about me to our boss and that’s okay since she can do whatever she wants
F – indifference
A – avoid ruminating about what happened, dismiss brain talks on it, whiteknuckle myself into disregarding it but at the back of mind fearing what will happen the following day
R – stressed out (?? This does not sound to be right)

Intentional Model:
(this came to mind only after a night’s sleep and this is the feeling i want to feel about the situation)
C –
T – i did the best i can during the time
F – confident
A – continue to do my work without fear, still giving my full focus at work and do the best i can
R – be the best of myself (??)