Want to think about debt as you thought about wine.

Hey Brooke,
I’ve listened to all your trainings in the Assets section of Scholars numerous times and I believe I see my debt as neutral. Where I’m still having a hard time is in not thinking about it at all, i.e. in your stop overdrinking/eating trainings I understand you to be saying that the goal is to get to a place where people who don’t struggle with overdrinking/eating are, which is they never even think of it.

With my debt I am choosing to pay it off versus say declaring bankruptcy and part of that process currently is juggling the resources I have to pay it off and working to create more income to be able to more easily pay it off. This is a juggle that is a daily focus on where is this amount of money coming from today to pay this bill or that one. I’m pretty sure someone who does not have debt does not spend their days juggling like this and constantly working the puzzle of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I don’t believe this is helping me to reach my goal of paying off my debt and/or creating more income. I also don’t think I am thinking/acting like someone who does not have debt or someone who has an abundance mindset. With that said, it seems that my current financial situation and my goal of paying off my debt requires this constant money shifting and juggling.

Can you help me get out of my own way here? FYI, I have set up autopayments on all my accounts, but the juggling happens when I see that my bank account does not have the funds to make those autopayments when they are due. Thanks!