Help with Stopping Snacking

Dear Brooke, I’ve been off flour and sugar for 3 months and working to try to stop snacking, not very successfully. The two biggest challenges I have are:
– I have a high metabolism and don’t gain weight easily so it feels like snacking is not much of a problem and I get very hungry between meals even eating a lot of fat at each meal. My motivation to stop snacking is mainly for health and just to feel more in control of my eating.
– I have an idea/habit that when I need to do some difficult or creative work a snack helps me be more effective (this feels true!) – this doesn’t feel like buffering, is it?

Just looking for some suggestions to help overcome these. Is there any alternative I can pick to ease myself off snacking, especially when starting a hard task? A classic example would be – I have a difficult email to write, I have a coffee and pastry as I sit down to work, to get me started. I complete the task so it feels like a win!

Thanks so much.