Help with The Model

Here is my model and I’m not sure I am doing it in the best way to benefit me.

Scenario: I am a granny nanny. I told my 5 year old twin grandsons we would make a raspberry pie after camp and have a piece of it at my house. Because we were locked out of my house and started late, I changed my mind and they took the pie home to eat after dinner. One of the twins said I was a liar because I had told him that he could eat the pie at my house.

Circumstance: Asher said I lied about eating the pie at my house.
Thought: Asher is 5 and doesn’t understand that because the circumstances changed, the boys could not eat the pie at my house.
Feeling: I did the best I could
Action: I talked to Asher and then ignored his complaining
Result: Asher kept saying I lied.

I’m not sure if this is the way to do this. Thank you for your help.