Helping clients with planning for exceptions, or deviations in food protocol.

I am a weight coach. I had just submitted a question about how to coach clients when they need help learning to navigate situations like going out to eat, or going on vacation etc. I don’t know if you can see my prior submission. Basically, what I was saying was that I think the goal is to enable clients to make the best decisions for themselves when the situation presents. I don’t hear Brooke really talking about this. I get the impression that even on vacation or by going to restaurants, she expect that people should be able to plan every single thing out. In my prior submission, i didn’t inlcude my models. Here are my models:
(c) going on vacation
(t) i don’t think it is realistic to plan everything, but clients can plan MOST things, and then make best decisions for the other times
(c) conflicted because this is not what I think Brooke teaches?
A) tell them this but not sure if this is sound advice
R) not really realistic for them to plan everything out? Maybe not

Not really sure if using the model is helping me here. I’m mostly asking flat out – what is it that Brooke teaches and does she really expect all food to be able to be planned out on vacation and at restaurants or special events? I’ve watched her videos and I don’t think she specifically answers this question. Thanks!