Herd Mentality

I struggle a lot around doing the “right” thing and worrying what others will think about my choices. I’ve begun realizing just how much energy I spend on how I’ll be perceived and wanting to be accepted. I don’t like it, but I also recognize that I’ve always been this way.

I know that we have this tendency to want to be apart of the herd… but how do you balance that with changing your thoughts and being okay with how others think? Or even just beginning to feel more neutral about other’s thoughts? I don’t want my fears or worries about what others think of me and my choices to keep being so limiting. I feel this limitation shows up as inaction. And can, of course, bring up lots of self-doubt.

I want to be able to show up in the world as I am. Truly as myself. As someone who keeps trying to bring value into the lives of others without being trapped in inaction as a result of how “I think” others view me.

Thank you.