Hip surgery

I used to practice a lot of sport: hiking, running, horse riding, working out in the gym and it used to take most of my time.
Since last October, I have gone limp. I decided to wait that it gets better, it did not 😉
In January I went to a doctor to run some tests. It was a bad experience as the tests were really hurtful and I got scared. I live abroad and people do not speak my mother tongue, which makes the all experience a bit more complicated too.
The doctor diagnosed a disease that requires an operation under full anesthesia.
Then Covid arrived and I could not get the operation.
Now I need to plan the operation but I am petrified. I never undergo a full anesthesia and I am worried that the operation goes wrong. What will happen if they do a mistake and I can’t walk after the operation? It will as well cost a lot of money that I did not plan on. On the other hand, I can’t do any of the activities I would like to because of my current condition. Can you help ?