Homework Assigned vs. Homework needed

Hey my lovely coaches. I LOVE the monthly assignments. At times, both during the Time Management assignment last month and the Dare of the Day homework this month, I don’t necessarily feel like I really working at what needs the most help in my particular journey…

When I a reflect on what I am strengthening… it really is more to do with the month of “Changing Beliefs” I could have used a whole season or year on that phase.

For example this month I am not drinking. And as I am not drinking, I am discovering that part of why drinking had such a big place in my life, is that I was often saying and doing things that I really wanted to do on some deeper level, when all inhibitions were dropped….

SO– rather than doing a ‘seemingly rando’ dare of the day, it’s like I want to have every day’s dare be, “To live as outrageously sober, as I did while I was drinking” and to use the 2 thought models to still work on changing limiting beliefs.

I asked for a huge discount… I did a live video off the cuff… I CAN dare myself to do things.

But here are a few things I did while drinking, that were even more daring:
I called my Mother on her birthday and told her that I was going to stop telling her what to say and how to think. That I was going to choose “love” over the need to be “right”
I emailed my new employers and said that I wanted to spearhead and create a new program that was going to add mind blowing value to the student’s lives and thousands of dollars to the company.
I emailed someone and offered free coaching on building on camera confidence
I had an hour long conversation with my roommate about how it feels to be around him when he spews toxic energy all the time, and why I hide in my room from him 20 hours a day… which then led to a conversation about how miserable he feels… which led to a conversation about his not having a vision… which led to a conversation brain storming what that vision would be…

None of these are things I would have “dared myself to do” before hand. They were things that came up in the moment and I had the (buzzed) self-confidence just to follow through on.

I’m really feeling that this is my place right now… to ALWAYS be THAT person…. just without needing 2-3 cocktails before it happens.

Is there a way to honor the homework but not just come up with random ahead of time dares?

Thanks for your insight!