Homework Question

Hi Brooke,

I am working on todays homework and wrote out the great things yesterday and then not so great thing I picked was that my husband went out with our daughter to the park for a few hours on his day off and left me with the housework. At the time I felt resentful because I wanted to spend some quality time with them and yet I was doing house chores etc while they were having fun.
I can turn this into a great story because it not only gave me time to catch up on something’s I don’t get to do when the house is full of people but the two of them got to spend quality time together having a blast.

My question is, am I supposed to do the models on the feeling of being resentful and thought that they “ditched” me with the work even though I can find the good story and believe even before the model? Or am I supposed to do the models on the thought that differentiates between the day being great vs. not great.

Thanks for clearing this up!