It just keeps getting better

First, thank YOU. This program, this work and you are amazing.

I’ve been in SCS since January. After losing the weight I wanted as my first goal, I’ve decided to tackle my business goals. Once I named my goal, I’ve done a ton of thought work and created strategies for all the obstacles.

I’ve blown my own mind… I have just completed building my website (not tech savvy), have figured out my banking needs for the business and, most important, have an offering that I am so excited about. I just sat down and did it. Learned. Pushed through the hard. Committed.

I can’t find this answer but saw it somewhere before.
1. What headset do you use?
2. When you’re doing a live zoom mtg, how do you also record it on Screw flow so you have it later? New to video work so still figuring things out.

You and this program rock! A heartfelt thank you.