Hoping for Improved Intentional Model

I have an ongoing problem with a person at work, who strongly resents that I am there (is vocal about it) and does not appreciate the work that I do. I have been building several intentional models to take me in baby steps through the River of Misery. This is where I am at:

C – Peer spoke to me at work on November 17th
T – He’s always highly critical of my involvement
F – Tired of repeated attacks
A – Set boundary that I will not start a conversation, as I’ve learned that even saying “Good Morning” causes angry responses
R – No conversation since November 17th.

This boundary works in that I do not get attacked. However, it seems rude not to say something as simple as “Good Morning” to a person I know and work with every day. This boundary makes me uneasy as it feels like I have an ongoing “fight” with this person. There are only 6 of us with the company so casual avoidance isn’t an option. Do you have some suggestions?