Hoping this helps with not only my drinking but something else as well.

Hi there. I just joined this week so I wanted to say Hello and thank you so much for the “stop over drinking program”! I have been battling with this for many years now and I definitely think this is going to help me immensely. I think this program is going to help me with something else too. 7 years ago my husband had a very intense affair with my best friend. He and I are still together and she is no longer a part of our lives…except for the fact that I constantly cyberstalk her on her cyber accounts. Like with the drinking I tell myself I’m not going to do it, I do it, I feel horrible with what I have seen and it affects me for days….and then I do it again. Anyway…Once I really understand the principles of this program I know it will help me with that obsession as well.
Also, Listening to the phone calls have already helped me in so many ways! It’s great to hear that I am not alone and that others have the same struggles!