How Can I Have What I Want?

So this is curious.
I remember when the pandemic hit, I looked to the sky and asked, “now what”… the answer, “serve like you have never served before, and serve without expectation for any return”.

Today when I asked, the answer came back with “what do you want?”

I was a bit flummoxed. Not that I don’t know what I want, it isn’t that. I do know what I want. I just haven’t gone for it so blatantly. It has always arisen out of serving others.

But now the tug is to simply go for what I want. Like earning $1 M in 3 months, Like going to the Cayman in April, after going to Mexico in December, and just perhaps a ski trip in March. I hear myself asking, “but isn’t that selfish?”  To which a part of me says, “well no,” but a part of me isn’t really sure.

I am not sure that the statements are at issue here. I think what is happening is that I am in this new place where I really get to decide to go for it. For no other reason than to do that. It reminds me of a podcast episode with Brooke where she was saying that people don’t need to know her “why” for her $100 M.

There’s something in there… the boldness to simply go for it. And that just seems,  well, f-bombing bold. Now, that would be a reinvention for sure.

To play with this further…

C – December Mexico, March skiing, April Cayman, $1 M revenue from Sept 1-Nov 30
T – Going for it is bold
F – Stunned
A – I stand around not really doing anything, notice how nervous and excited I am, question if I can do it, if I am allowed to do it, smirk, giggle,
R – I create more more evidence of it being bold.

There isn’t much acting toward the achievement of that C, so I am going to put the C in the R

C – Realize my goals in Dec, March, April (travel and $1 M revenue goal from Sept 1-Nov 30)
T – This will be fun.
F – Giddy
A – make the plans for the launches, the proposals, write job description for assistant, hire audio engineer, map out massive action for 400 registrants into my program A in the fall, as well as plan B of 3000 registrants in program B, finish proposals for LCS as well as other coach programs who would totally benefit from my teaching.
R I create the commitment and that commitment is fun.

Thank you for your feedback.