How do I let go of worrying about my weight for good?

Hello there!
I need help with completely let go of the worry about my weight. I Observed the thought bellow and I ran a model to look at what this thought is actually creating for me:
C: 113lb
T: If I let go of the worry about my weight I will gain the 20lb I successfully lost
F: anxiety
A: create a restrictive plan for the week, need a break from it, overexercise to compensate for the weekends eats.
R: I have to worry about my weight

It feels so true that I need to worry about my weight. But I desperetly want to let that go, maintain my weight as easy as it is breathing to survive. I want it to feel effortless and something that I do not need to think about it because I want to use my brain to something else. Where should I go from this model? Thank you so much for all your help!! Love xo