How do I stop overeating when I’ve been doing it for decades?

I have been struggling with my weight for decades. I am obese. Last night I had another binge and it lasted for 6 hours. I consumed thousands of calories during that binge, eating candy, popcorn, potato chips and chocolates. And I went to bed feeling miserable. This is a pattern I have repeated over and over during the last decade. My weight just goes up and up. I am so disgusted. How do I move away from this behavior that I’ve been practicing for so long?

C: I ate candy, popcorn, chips, chocolate and ice cream (all off protocol).
T: I don’t care right now. I just want to eat.
F: Disgusted
A: Binge eat. Look through cupboards to find snack foods. Eat until I am physically sick. Continue to eat even when I’m stuffed.
Don’t create a pause to assess what I’m doing, and why. Don’t try to connect with my future self. Beat myself up with neg self talk before
I go to bed.
R: I don’t care about my body.

My heart’s desire is to care about my body. My behavior says otherwise.