Procrastination and "I don’t want to"

Hello coaches!

When it comes to my work and schedule, I notice my main thought is “I don’t want to” when it comes time to actually do the work. I keep listening to this thought and procrastinating. I recognize it when it’s happening, and KNOW what’s going to happen if I keep believing this thought, but the problem is that I KEEP CHOOSING IT! I keep choosing to procrastinate and listen to “I don’t want to”. I do self-coaching, I do models. Sometimes I do work, sometimes I don’t. How do I stop from listening to this thought?? I keep doing UM/IM models on it, but I keep choosing the UM in real-life. Why am I stuck in awareness and how do I progress into not listening to this thought anymore?

C scheduled work
T “I don’t want to”
F Dread
A don’t work, buffer with youtube or food
R I still don’t want to do the scheduled work

C scheduled work
T “it’s easier than you think it’ll be”
F willing
A turn on laptop, open website and files, do the work I planned in less time than planned
R create an easy work experience for myself

I just keep practicing my UM and am stuck there…
Thank you!