How I Show Up, Part 2

Earlier in the month I was upset because my employer gave half of my scheduled shifts away to a new hire. I wrote in for advice and using it I found peace around the situation. Turn of events. Worker quit on Friday, employer asking me to take back the shifts.

I am wondering if asking for a raise at this point would be strategic.

Circumstance: Uncovered shifts
Thought: I want the shifts but don’t like how they took them from me to give to new worker and now ask me to take them back
Feeling: Used
Actions: Point out my flexibility, ask for a raise before accepting to cover the shifts (PS, they have no backup options other than paying full timers to work overtime at time and a half pay).
Result: unknown

Does this sound like I am backing them into a corner? Is that being a strategic person or being a threat/not a team player? Do I explain my reasoning or just ask for the raise? Wondering how this ties in with Brookes “Stop Underearning ” class. I know I have to ask with confidence not resentment or by pointing out the mistake they made by taking my shifts in the first place. I need some help making a model on this:

C: I ask for a raise
T: I am a valued reliable worker
F: confident
A: don’t discuss with coworkers, continue to provide high value no matter what
Result: I want to not be mad and resentful if they say no

Thank you.